TV Fanatic and OK!‘s Derek Ivie break down your fave shows of the night!


Survivor: China: "With the finale mere days away, I decided to watch my first episode. It was down to the final five: Amanda, Denise, Peih-Gee, Todd and the super skinny Courtney. The reward competition was based on skill and popularity. The contestants got a chance to shoot a big arrow board filled with their names in several different quadrants. The name with the most hits would win. The catch? The contestants had to distribute their six arrows to other players, so the amount you got from your fellow contestants would determine how many shots you had. Peih-Gee had already been complaining about how nobody liked her, which was proven after she only received one arrow. While she does seem a little grumpy, I’m one to always root for the underdog, so I felt her pain. Courtney got 12 of the arrows, but with her crappy aim, kept hitting Denise’s name. Courtney had one arrow left, and it was tied up between Todd who had gotten five of his six shots on his own name and Denise. It doesn’t take a fifth grader to know that Courtney should have purposely shot for the ground to force a match point between Denise and Todd. But Courtney is no fifth grader! She shot the winning arrow once again into Denise’s name. But since it seems that Denise is Todd and Courtney’s bitch, she took them along on the reward, which was a private plane ride to the Great Wall of China and dinner, leaving Amanda and Peih-Gee behind. Amanda wasted no time asking Peih-Gee why she hated her, forcing the sullen woman to say she didn’t really hate her. The two gals bonded for a bit after their fish trap caught a hearty dinner. Todd, Courtney and Denise got to their feast, which was lots of raw meat that had to be boiled in oil, then complained that it was unedible. The immunity challenge was a rehash of several of the tasks they had already performed, which included eating a balut. I don’t know what that is, but watching Denise give up on the challenge – which would garantuee her a spot in the final four – I knew whatever it is, it’s gross. Peih-Gee really needed to win to stay in the game, but it was Amanda who took the prize. There was some toying with the idea of kicking off Todd, a toad of a man who said he’s pissed off everyone on the game, but popularity won out again and Peih-Gee went home. Maybe it’s good strategy. With everyone hating on Todd so much, if he does last till the final two, the jury may vote for the lesser of two evils.” – TV Fanatic


30 Rock: "Liz wishes Jack some season’s greeting before they all go on break! Jack offers her a new product that is a paper shredder AND a photo scanner all wrapped into one. This means that people will be shredding their photos! Jack’s mother (Elaine Stritch) shows up unexpectedly even though she was supposed to be stuck in Florida in the middle of hurricane Zapato (which means shoe in Spanish). The cast and crew of the show are getting ready for their annual LudaChristmas celebration which entails drunken debauchery and eating meat off a sick woman’s chest. Tracy has to wear an alcohol detecting anklet, which is then hot glued with Christmas flowers by Kenneth. Liz’s family comes to join her for the holidays. Her brother was in a skiing accident and he thinks it is 1985. The Lemons are very supportive of Liz’s career and Jack doesn’t understand it. Jack escapes with the Lemons to go ice-skating, he just wants to get away from his mother. After catching him Jack’s mother takes it upon herself to rip the Lemons apart. She succeeds, but it is OK because they are a great family. The rest of the cast and crew has their Christmas party ruined by Kenneth. He brings a preacher to teach them about Christmas. They end up going crazy and want to chop down the tree at Rockefeller Center. Not the tree! This was a delightful and delirious holiday episode of 30 Rock!" – Derek


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