Rapper T.I. is no stranger to scandal – as he’s about to serve a year in jail starting next month on weapons charges – so it’s no wonder he’s already advising Chris Brown.


The hip-hop star told Carson Daly on Last Call that he’d already spoken to his buddy, who was arrested on Sunday and released on bail after an alleged domestic violence incident with girlfriend Rihanna.


“He’s cool, you know. I guess he’s a little concerned about the situation, but he’s still the same Chris," T.I. revealed. “I told him this too shall pass."


While T.I. says he doesn’t know what went down between the two in the early hours of Sunday morning, he does caution the public against jumping to judgment.


“Hey man, you people gotta remember, we celebrities and we entertainers but we’re still human. All of us,” he said. "Don’t expect us not to make mistakes ‘cause we will.”

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