Tiffani Thiessen admits she has “more to go” in her post-baby weight loss journey now that daughter Harper is fast approaching her first birthday.

“Oh, I’m trying so hard,” the White Collar star, 37, says. “I’ve got a little bit more to go, but I’m getting there. I’m still nursing, so I’ve got that little last bit that’s hanging on there until I stop, but I wanted to go at least a year. I’m training like crazy with my trainer here in NYC, Josh Zittomer. He’s amazing. I run. I was a runner before, and I’m running again. Yoga, core classes – I do everything. I do it all.”

Although Tiffani and hubby Brady Smith would like baby #2, she’s not ready quite yet.

“Not anytime soon. We’d love to have more. We’d love to expand our family, but I’m enjoying my time with her. I’d like to have a little bit of time with her for a little while, and get my body back to where it was, and then get pregnant again.”

How will they celebrate Harper’s first birthday next week?

“We’re actually, luckily enough, we’re going to be home for the week for her birthday, so we’re going to celebrate it at home,” she tells me. “Nothing big, probably just family. It’ll be small. Just something nice for her. She’s not going to remember it. It’s mostly for us, right?”

For now, Harper is relishing her 11-month-old status.

“She’s great. She’s talking up a storm, she’s an early walker, which scares the life out of me. [laughs] When she started walking, I was like ‘I thought I was going to have a few more months of this crawling thing.’ She went right into walking.”

Hubby Brady gets props for helping with little Harper.

“He’s full-time here with me, and my mom’s here as well. I’ve got double-duty help. It’s awesome. But he can’t feed her [laughs], sadly. Sometimes I wish he could. But no, he doesn’t.”

How does Tiffani juggle career and motherhood?

“My mom, my husband. That’s the only way I’m able to do it.”

Still, Tiffani longs for elements of her child-free days.

“Now that I’m a mom, I don’t wear perfume as often, just because I think with a baby, you don’t want to have them around scents too much. I do miss wearing them. I used to wear them a lot. I’ve had quite a few staples in my life. I’d be obsessed with one fragrance for a while.”

Of course, her area of expertise has gone from beauty to babies.

Sesame Street. That’s my life now. Sexy, isn’t it?”

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