Even though Tiger Woods has yet to address the public about his alleged indiscretions, many experts have offered their opinions to the media on the reasons — ranging from sex addict to drug addict — fueling Tiger’s affairs. Executive director of L.A.’s Sexual Recovery Institute Robert Weiss spoke with CBS News and explored the possibility of Tiger having a sex addiction. “The living of a double life is one way to really define a sex addiction,” Weiss said Tuesday on The Early Show.

“When someone is publicly portraying themselves in one way and then living very differently on the side, very differently in secret that is a really clear sign of an addictive process going on,” Weiss continued.

While no reports have been confirmed, Weiss (who has never treated Tiger) said that there are tell tale signs indicating the pro golfer may have a sex addiction.

“It just feels like there’s this hot bubble of secrets that’s blowing open, and it’s been closed for a very long time.”

“When those secrets start to come out and that honesty really needs to be called for, that’s when people can really be in the most pain. It sounds like that’s really happening,” he said. “All of us, we’ve lost one of our heroes in a way.”

As for reports that Tiger has a drug addiction, Weiss said chemical addictions and sexual addictions often go hand-in-hand.

“People do things really crazy things when they’re using,” Weiss said. “And who knows whether that is the case here or not, but we do know that there’s certainly a lot of smoke.”

Dr. Drew Pinksy, of the VH1 series Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew, also weighed in on Tiger. He told CBS News, “You’ve got to wonder about addiction. That’s the process that has people doing things that don’t make sense.”

The question remained when does infidelity cross over into sex addiction?

Dr. Pinksy speculated that Tiger’s behavior could be part of a larger problem.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if we find out there is a chemical addiction, as well,” he said. “Sometimes, these sexual compulsions come out as part of an overall addictive process to a chemical.”

However, Dr. Pinksy said Tiger may be able to find his way out of the woods when it comes to relationship with wife Elin Nordegren.

“When both people are willing to work and they commit to each other, they can end up in a very good place,” he said.


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