Yesterday news broke of Tiger Woods‘ fourth alleged mistress, Jamie Jungers, coming forward and linking ties with Orlando-based lawyer Michael O’Quinn to have her side of the story heard, but today after reports of a conversation with the 26-year-old’s mother were unleashed,  E! Online uncovers even more dirty skeletons in the model’s closet.

When asked if the affair was valid all Jungers’ mother, Sharon Jungers, could confirm to E! News was that the affair most definitely happened as she remarked, “Oh yah, for sure… Jamie is a good girl,” but refused to go into further detail.

Although Sharon has faith that her daughter is indeed a stand up citizen, E! Online dug deeper to find out about Jamie’s trashy past working as a Trashy Lingerie girl in Las Vegas for more than two years.

Speaking with Mary Loomis-Shrier, the owner of the line who puts on private events for the elite in Vegas, which Jamie would participate in, E! Online found more validation of the extramarital fling.

“I called her and said, ‘Congratulations,’” Loomis-Shrier explained to E! News about her phone call to Jungers this morning, “Jamie laughed and admitted it to me. She has nothing to hide. She didn’t do anything wrong. She’s a good girl. It’s all good for her.

Basically corroborating Jungers’  secret affair with the golf star, Loomis- Shrier also descried what exactly Jamie did for the company as E! Online reports.

“We would do meet and greets, then the girls would sit with the guys while they were playing in the high-roller lounge. It was just hanging out and the girls would get paid if the guy they were sitting with got a hot streak,” Mary outlined to E! News on Saturday.

Looks like mistress number four knew exactly what she was getting into when she began seeing Tiger Woods, who is still currently married to wife Elin Nordegren.

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