Nothing stops Tila Tequila from promoting herself on the Internet — not even the tragic death of her fiancée Casey Johnson. This morning the reality star Tweeted “My bed is so empty without her now. I can’t live here alone anymore! Losing my mind!” Two hours later she plugged her new entertainment Web site.

“ok ok I’m going to sleep now. I need to take care of myself. My Wifey would have wanted that. Dont forget 2 check out!” she Tweeted three hours later.

Tila’s debilitating sadness also doesn’t stop her from lashing out at anyone who is against her lifestyle or those who doubt the sincerity of her relationship with Casey.

She continues to turn to Twitter to jab at Casey’s former friends Nicky Hilton and Bijou Philips, who went to Tila’s house yesterday to gather Casey’s belongings including her dog.

Tila claims Nicky put the dog to sleep.

“Thank u guys 4 seeing the pure evil that is Nikky, Bijou & some other ppl Dont worry. I will write a tell all blog on what they DIDNT TELL U,” she tweeted. “Wanna know if the Dog is dead? Why don’t u ask Nikky & the family. Trust me. They already killed the dog. Sad.”

There will definitely be more outbursts from Tila. It is hard to follow her up and down mood between the pictures of her crying and her LOL-ing.


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