Poor little Tila Tequila is left to fend for herself now that her publicist decided to kick her to the curb. And yet, even without an official PR rep, Tila still manages to talk to the press… about why she no longer has a publicist. It’s like a snake eating its tail… a big-boobed, publicity-hungry snake.

Speaking to the folks at Steppin’ Out magazine, the silicone-inflated semi-star goes into great detail about what happened that caused her now-former rep to send out a mass e-mail announcing she was ditching the Shot at Love starlet. And apparently, Tila was just too big for her publicist to handle…

“She usually handles smaller clients,” explains TT. “She is not used to more high profile clients who have paparazzi’s [sic] chasing them around town. She started to have a freak meltdown with all the media attention swirling around me. She didn’t know what to do, and didn’t know how to stay calm.”

Tila claims she tried to chill her rep out, but was unable to. And in the end, it’s all worked out just as she planned.

“I actually needed a more powerful publicist,” she says. “Someone who is bold, brave, and already used to this type of media frenzy. Jessica does more of the boutique clients where they just attend a few small red carpets here and there. She is not used to having talent making headlines every week. So we bumped heads a lot. I kept trying to tell her ‘Look, I understand you’re trying to do your job here, but I am the one who just lost my Wife!'”

As for that mass e-mail? Says Ms. Tequila, “I think the way she did it made her look very unprofessional… Not only does it make her unprofessional, but for her current talent and possible future talent that might want to work with her, they will probably hesitate because they will remember how she wronged me, and that will make her lose clients.”

Yeah… we’re sure she’s losing lots of sleep over this one.

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