You asked and he answered! Fashion guru Tim Gunn tells you how to "make it work" with stylish tips and winter do’s and don’t’s! Read up and take notes!

How do you make the transition from summer clothes to winter wear?
The key is layering. Depending on the textile, there are some things that can go from season to season. Use items that transition from one season to the next, like a good pair of dress pants.

What celeb embodies fashion perfection?
Angelina Jolie really understands how to navigate the world with style and grace. She exudes confidence and is always occasion-appropriate. She looks just as great picking up the kids at school as she does on the red carpet.

I’ve been trying to trend-proof my wardrobe. Do you have any essential tips on how I can maintain a timeless style?
Stick with the classics but buy versions that suit you. Take the trench, for example. It doesn’t have to be what we normally think of, which is the classic Burberry khaki-colored coat. Valentino this season has an incredible red patent-leather trench: It’s cinched, it’s shorter, it’s on the cropped side. You need to find these classic items and personalize them, make them your own.

Are there any designers in particular that cater to petites?
Cynthia Rowley is brilliant! During my experience working on the show Guide to Style, we had the pediatrician Stephanie try on clothing — and everything fit her right off the rack. It was remarkable!

Is it a fashion-don’t to wear overalls?
I hope that the overalls aren’t going to Acapulco. I hope they’re not going anywhere! If anyone’s over 16, they shouldn’t consider them. So not flattering!



How do you feel about Sarah Jessica Parker’s style? Do you think the new SATC movie is going to blend the same kind of trailblazing style as the TV series?
I can’t wait to see it, I can’t wait to find out. Sarah is so incredible, and what I love about her is that she’s a fashion risk-taker. Not just her Carrie Bradshaw character, but Sarah Jessica Parker herself. Because she’s a risk-taker. Does she always get it perfectly correct? No. But I’d rather be excited by what she’s wearing than think, “Oh, she’s wearing the same old thing.”



What can Britney Spears do to revamp her image and make herself look classy?
She needs to be attentive to the silhouette and proportions of the items and apparel that she’s putting together. She needs to be clean, neat and tidily presented. She needs to stay away from ruffles and flourishes and oversized clothes. She needs a crisp, tailored look to get people to believe in her again.

Where can both men and women go for a cheaper alternative to runway-centric clothing?

I’m a Banana Republic fanatic. What makes it really compelling for me, in addition to liking the proportions of their menswear, is that I can wear their clothes straight off the rack.

What denim brands do you recommend? I’m looking for a new pair.
Liz Clairborne jeans fit everybody — they’re remarkable. Another set of jeans I subscribe to is Lucky Brand. I have never had a better fitting pair of jeans in my life.

Do you have style advice for a pregnant woman after working with Heidi Klum on Project Runway?
Heidi looked great while pregnant, and everyone should follow the operating rules of Heidi, which are all about fit and proportion. These are my constant refrains: silhouette, proportion and fit. Most people buy items that are simply too big for them while pregnant.



Are Uggs really ugg-ly? I live in mine but don’t want to be a fashion faux pas.
My two footwear issues are Uggs and Crocs. People tell me that Uggs are really comfortable, but I just think they’re so unattractive. I think they’re a real fashion challenge.

What’s your new take on the little black dress?
Diane von Furstenberg has a black wrap dress that is so stunning. I have yet to see a woman who doesn’t look absolutely fantastic in it. I can’t sing its praises loudly enough. It’s suitable to go from day into evening. Add a clutch and this dress just says, “It’s cocktail time!”


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