Tina Fey must’ve missed 2-year-old daughter Alice when she hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend. While mommy hung out with Carrie Underwood, perhaps daddy Jeff Richmond let their sweet girl stay up past bedtime to catch a glimpse of her hilarious performance.

Alice is singing a lot and dancing,” the 30 Rock star, 37, tells me. “She just discovered raisins. She’s eating a lot of raisins.”

She adds, “I was never a pet owner — I’m allergic to all kinds of animals — so I didn’t even have that middle step of ‘you love your dog and your dog brings you joy.’ I went right from nothing to this amazing joy of having a child. I didn’t take the ramp up by way of yellow lab.”


According to her 30 Rock co-star Scott Adsit, Tina treats Alice like an adult.

“She’s very doting and I think she expects a lot from Alice,” Scott tells me. “Not in a bad way. I think Alice is up to the task. I think Alice likes her — in a way every kid does their mother — being goofy and silly. It’s funny to hear her talk to her. I never hear her doing baby talk to Alice. I always hear her talking to her like she’s a peer. That’s kind of cool.”



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