Now that 30 Rock is well into its fourth season, everyone has some favorite moments from the NBC comedy, and so does the writer and star of the show! “I feel like we have these characters that we know a lot about now, Tina Fey tells  The Daily Beast. “We’ve endowed them with history that you then have to go back and revisit.” Tina shared her top 10 favorite funniest 30 Rock moments. Enjoy a sample of her favorite clips!

Episode 106 “Tracy Does Conan”
“That’s from the first season, an episode I wrote where Tracy is going on the Conan O’Brien show and he’s off his medication. We’re trying to get him to be normal, and I go to Jack, but he’s not a lot of help. He’s wearing a tux. That’s one of the first jokes I ever had repeated back to me. It was the first time I remember anyone saying, ‘I like that joke.’ It was a nice turning point. I felt like we were really on TV. It was sort of a defining moment for the Jack character in terms of just his elegance and his priorities. His character has gotten a lot more three-dimensional as time’s gone on, and this is him in his ridiculous infancy.”

LIZ: Why are you wearing a tux?
JACK: It’s after six. What am I, a farmer?

Episode 208 “Secrets and Lies”
“I like every time we get to make up some predicament that Tracy’s character was in. We showed an animated clip that Yvonne, on staff, was able to make—a fake, animated clip done on the super cheap, and the movie was supposedly done with Charles Barkley. The one thing I like is that Tracy has a way—he doesn’t say ‘a million dollars.’ He says, ‘a millah-dallahs,’ which always makes me laugh. Tracy may, at the time, have had a lime green Jaguar. That may have been an inspiration for the yellow Bentley.”

TRACY: I spent two days making that movie from my home and what did I get? A million dollars, a yellow Bentley and nothing.

Episode 301 “Do-Over”
“That has a nice, little sneaky structure that sneaks up on you a little bit. Kenneth is another character, who, if we wrote up all the details of his life, it would probably be pretty tragic. We could have a tragedy-off between him and Tracy and Jenna.”

KENNETH: I think adoption is a wonderful thing. Three of my nine siblings were adopted. And someday I’m gonna find them.

Episode 308 “Flu Shot”
“Any time we get to use Dr. Spaceman—which is pronounced ‘Dr. Spa-chee-man’ by everyone except Tracy—it’s another happy moment in the room. We’ve been lucky enough to have Chris Parnell appear on every season. The scenes that his character are in have a different tone than other scenes. They’re allowed to be sillier, funnier, they’re sort of my favorite scenes. Robert Carlock, in particular, is the Spaceman expert. Most of the jokes for him, as this one did, come from him.”

DR. SPACEMAN: Liz, I believe doctor-patient confidentiality is a two-way street. I’m cheating on my wife.

Episode 318 “Jackie Jormp-Jomp”
“Both of the jokes are dirty, sex things, and that’s kind of Jenna’s deal. I like this one because, not only is it sort of a pathetic and humiliating thing to admit to, but she’s so eager to use it to help her career and please her boss. I think that kind of sums up her character.”

JENNA: Do you need a sex tape leaked? ‘Cause I’ve got a weird one. It’s night vision and you can see that his buddy is robbing me.

More favorite moments are sure to be coming our way as Tina is busy writing for the fourth season.

“It’s that time of year where we’re in the middle of writing and shooting,” Tina said while on set. “It’s pretty much eat, sleep, 30 Rock time.”

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