Tito Jackson is opening up about the events surrounding his brother Michael Jackson‘s death, revealing that his sister Janet Jackson was the one to call him.

“She said ‘pull over’ and right when she said that I knew he was gone,” he tells Entertainment Tonight. “She said, ‘Tito, he’s gone.’ “

MJ’s older brother also reminisced about his last encounter with the King of Pop, revealing, “The last time I saw my brother was three weeks prior to his death and we were celebrating my parents’ 60-year anniversary. I told him I loved him and he told me he loved me more, which is something he always says and that was the last time I saw him.”

Tito adds that he was clueless about Michael and his various medications.

“I had no clue what was being done by his personal physician whatsoever. If he [Dr. Conrad Murray] is responsible, whoever is responsible, they should be brought to justice. Michael was physically fine as far as I’m concerned, he was strong, he was in good health, he was playing and happy and everything was fine. My brother has always been a thin young man, you know, and that’s just the way he was, but he was totally healthy.”

Despite the family’s efforts to stage an intervention for Michael, Tito says they weren’t allowed to see him.

“It was always a difficult situation, some people care about their job than more so than the person’s health and well being and I think that’s what we experienced, some of the employers, security or whatever, were more concerned about their paychecks than letting us check on our brother,” he says.

Tito confirms that Michael’s body is at Forest Lawn, but says he has not visited, “I want to remember my brother as I knew him and not think of him as the last time I saw him, that would be very hard for me.” As for a final resting place, he says, “We’re all working it out. I have a very large family and when you have a family that large it’s hard to get everyone agreeing on the same page.”

He also asserts that Michael’s three children are definitely biological, “They look so much like my grandfather and little Blanket is Michael Jackson all over again, with the feisty little ways he has. Absolutely.”

In Jamaica for a performance at the 17th Annual Reggae Sumfest with ‘The Brothers Band’ and to accept a Lifetime Achievement Award on his brother’s behalf, Tito is thankful for the positive recognition, “I’ve always known that Michael was loved by the world. It’s good to see that everyone’s opening up their hearts to let the world know how much he was loved.”

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