Celebrity Apprentice alum Tito Ortiz doesn’t plan to get punched, literally, for the rest of his life. After an 11-year career with the UFC: Ultimate Fighting Championship, he’ll fight his last fight on Pay Per View May 24. “I’m not retiring, but I’m moving onto other things,” he says.

That includes making a movie with Mark Wahlberg and getting ready to produce his own reality show. Tentatively titled  Anytown Throwdown,  the reality slapdown is slated to make its debut on G4 TV.  “It’s about guys who have differences with each other and they squash it in the octagon, but it’s not a fight club,” says Tito, who adds it’s how guys settled beef in high school, “where one guy hated another and they wind up fighting. In the end they become best friends and get on with their lives.”

Hey, if they look like Brad Pitt and Ed Norton, I’ll definitely watch! Anytown Throwdown is scheduled to start production next month.

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