After several days of Sundancing and not many minutes of sleep I escaped for a couple of hours my last snowy day in Park City and went up to The Luxury Lounge where I got a detoxifying back massage and Kat and Carol Lynn gave me a new age and very relaxing facial.  That, and the peppermint aromatherapy they gave me after, gave me what coffee couldn’t and temporarily revived me. I was feeling good for about a minute, until I checked my blackberry and saw more than two dozen messages saying that Heath Ledger died. My heart fell to my stomach and my glow went out the window.


It’s just so sad, so unexpected, so unnecessary.
I’m not going to guess or speculate on why or how he died because I don’t know, but I’m sad for his baby Matilda who will only see how he lived through the many great movies he left behind.


Rest in peace… 

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