Well gee, thanks Facebook! Now that you give us those daily reminders, forgetting someone’s birthday is no longer a good excuse for not buying them a gift.

Fortunately, there’s another Web site that can help us out of this mess you’ve gotten us into by helping to pick out all the extra goodies we’re now obliged to send.

At Gift Genius, you can build up a profile of the gift-receiver by using sliders to place them somewhere on a spectrum across different characteristics: you can set their taste somewhere between "mainstream" and "unique"; their style between "trendy" and "classic"; their attitude between "serious" and "lighthearted".

Then the site will suggest gifts accordingly, which you can narrow down by price, with gifts from five bucks up to thousands of dollars. So you end up with the perfect gift for the right price.

So with the help of Gift Genius, you could find just the right thing for anyone on your friend list, from your old high school best friend to your grandmother.

Celebs are already catching on to the site, including Stacy London, Ivanka Trump (presumably hoping the site can answer the question, "What do you get the man who has everything?" in time for Father’s Day), and Over Your Head’s Eric Stromer.

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