Why can’t all commercials be like this!

Today we’re loving Everything I Need, the new mini-movie promoting the Cavalli Mastercard, starring Milla Jovovich.

Instead of hiring some English lizard or whatever to sell his product, fashion guru Roberto Cavalli has made two red-hot minutes of couture-draped, panty-flashing Hollywood glitz.

In the online vid — with music by the Amplifetes — the Resident Evil actress tries on succession of stunning Cavalli threads as she tries in vain to decide what to take on vacation with her pal Roberto.


Eventually the poor doll resigns herself to the fact that her wardrobe is simply too fabulous to choose just a suitcase full of clothes… and realises that "everything she needs" is her Cavalli Mastercard (so she can buy yet more clothes!).

Ad guys, take note — we want more like this!


The Cavalli Card is to be launched at the end of March.



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