Tiger Woods has an unlikely supporter in the wake of his cheating scandal — four-times married actor Tom Arnold.

“Poor Tiger. He is a nice guy,” Tom told reporters at the Avatar premiere in L.A. last night. “I pray for him and his family. He needs a do-over.

“I mean I am not justifying, but I have known him in the sports world and he is very naive,” says Tom, who plays a cheating husband in the movie The Year of Getting to Know Us.

“[Tiger’s] wife needs to give him one more chance and I have seen marriages survive and there are children involved and I have just seen this.”

Tom — whose exes include Roseanne Barr — says he’s talked to the pro: “Tiger, well we have the same lawyer, so on Thanksgiving night we had a little chat and then I read about the car accident.”

How is he handling the fall-out from his infidelities?

“I think Tiger is working his butt off for his family,” says Tom. “He has dropped everything and he has done exactly what he should be doing. I am not blaming it on anything, but maybe his dad wasn’t the best role model. I send the best out to him.”

Reporting by Gena Oppenheim

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