When ET caught up with Tom Cruise at the hand and foot cementing ceremony of his good friend, I Am Legend star, Will Smith, he had only good things to say about his action movie friend.


"I feel honored to know him and his family. When I get around him I feel inspired. We push each other and we need that. We share that same level of reality and commitment that we have to our craft and to our family. It’s fun. Wherever Will Smith is, that’s where the party is!"


He added, "He is an extraordinary artist. When I was doing Born on the Fourth of July, his music got me through that picture."


Meanwhile, he only wonders if Will could beat Katie in a race. "Kate is fast! I said to Will, ‘She ran a marathon, we’ve got to see if we can’t run a marathon. She did it!’ The day after she ran the marathon I was at the hotel and got in the elevator drenched in sweat and I smelled… I said, ‘Listen, when your wife runs a marathon, you’ve got to get on the treadmill the next day!’ "


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