Tom Cruise seems to be on a funny streak these days, with his hilarious cameo in Tropic Thunder and a big grin always on his face. And now he’s even laughing at himself!


The Valkyrie actor took over last night on Late Show, saying he’d always wanted to do the Top 10 list.


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"I’ve done a lot of things in my life, and this is on the bucket list," he explained.


"Why, what’s wrong?" joked David Letterman. "Are you alright?"


"You never know," Tom smoothly replied, before introducing the night’s category: "The Craziest Things People Say About Tom Cruise on the Internet."


Some highlights included, "I still wear those underpants from Risky Business," and "After jumping on her couch, Oprah hammer-locked me til I coughed blood. "


Check out the video below:


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