Two-time Oscar winner Tom Hanks acted his way to the top, and lends a hand as a producer in the upcoming romantic comedy ‘Starter For 10’ starring James McAvoy. ‘I tell all actors there’s only three things you have to do: show up on time, know your lines, and have an idea of what they’re looking for,’ he told reporters at a special screening for ‘Starter For 10’ in NYC on February 13. Even Oscar day isn’t all glitz and glam, the 50-year-old actor says. His least favorite thing? ‘It’s that horrible competitiveness of whose tux are you going to wear? You p— off a lot of people.’ What’s Tom really like? According to Rebecca Hall, who plays a love interest in the film, Tom’s taller than she expected. ‘He’s incredibly nice, warm and funny. He’s not patronizing or belittling. He makes you feel great.’-Valerie Nome

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