For most couples, their first wedding anniversary is a time for reflection on a pivotal year and an occasion for celebration of many more to come. And this holds true even for superstar pairing Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, who will ring in the finish of year #1 on Nov. 18.

However, sources close to the TomKat clan tell OK! that the lovebirds have yet to make any major decisions about how to mark the anniversary. “It could be anything from a dinner at home with the kids to a restaurant party with dozens of friends and relatives,” a friend of the world’s most famous married couple explains.

So what’s the holdup? “They’ve both been so busy with their back-to-back movies,” says the friend. “I don’t know that they’ve even had a chance to think about it yet.”

If OK! may offer one suggestion: How about eating the top layer of their wedding cake, like other “normal” couples?

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