Some guys snoop on their girlfriend by sneaking a peek at their text messages, or even leafing through their journal.

But Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson would never be that traditional.

Pam has told Radar magazine that her on-off-on-off-on etc. boyfriend has set up a Google Alert to keep tabs on her!

She told the mag that the Motley Crue drummer uses the tool, which sends him an email every time her name is mentioned on the Internet, to find out what she’s been up to — and then quizzes her about everything he’s found out.

And it sounds like the super babe, who has just moved in with her ex-husband to give their relationship its millionth chance, is already getting a little irritated by his cyber spying.

"For some reason, Tommy has me Google Alerted," she told the magazine.

"He’ll always be like, ‘What’s this?’ ‘What’s this?’

"He gets every single thing. And I’m like, ‘Honey! Stop Google Alerting me!’

"He loves me. I love him. But I don’t Google Alert him."


Sounds like their latest attempt to patch things up is off to a great start!

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