Doesn’t Tony Romo know you should never compare your girlfriend to your exes?

Though his lady love Jessica Simpson has enjoyed her share of musical success, Tony believes she’s not quite up to par with ex-girlfriend Carrie Underwood — and told her to her face!

"He really hurt Jess’ feelings," the pal tells OK!. "She tried to laugh it off in Hawaii [where Tony played in the Pro Bowl], but she pouted whenever she heard Carrie’s songs playing."

Adding insult to injury, the 27-year-old quarterback isn’t exactly lending his support to Jessica’s new country album either.

"Tony said he thought Jess would have trouble winning over audiences with her upcoming country CD," the pal adds.

Unfortunately for 27-year-old Jess, he’s not the only one who feels that way. Rascal Flatts’ frontman Gary LeVox, who has collaborated with Grammy winner Carrie, has his reservations about Jess’ forthcoming genre segue as well.

"It is tough to be a pop artist and then make country records," he tells OK!. "Country fans get it. They go, ‘You’re not country — you’re a pop artist.’ The fans make you or break you."

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