As any Broadway vet will tell you, one thing you always need to be aware of when you’re on stage is the set itself. One wrong step and you could be in a world of hurt. That’s a lesson Bret Michaels learned the hard way during Sunday night’s Tony Awards.

As part of the show’s opening number, the rock ‘n’ reality star had joined his band Poison to sing their bar band classic "Nothin’ But a Good Time" with the cast of Broadway hit Rock of Ages. And when the Rock of Love star went to make his exit from the stage — wham! — he came face-to-face with a piece of scenery that was being lowered down onto the stage.


Though it looked pretty bad at the time — early reports indicated that Bret’s nose had been broken — a spokesperson for the Tonys says the rocker’s schnoz is still intact and that the whole incident was a matter of Bret "missing his mark."

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