While Tiger Woods endorsers are pulling down their ads of the famous golfer, we’ve realized that some of the previously inspirational taglines have new meaning now. Here is a list of the eleven most unfortunate Tiger taglines!

1. “It’s in Tiger. Is it in you?” — Gatorade Tiger
Wow… It seems like the answer to this question is increasingly, “yes.”

2. “Have You Got the Balls? — ad for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005 video game
Maybe not, Tiger, but we’re pretty sure Elin’s got you by yours.

3. “It’s what you do next that counts.” — Accenture
Tiger must have misread this slogan as “It’s who you do next that counts.” Oops.

4. “Strategy 80%. Exit Strategy 20%” — Accenture
This doesn’t really work when that exit strategy is blocked by an irate, golf-club wielding wife.

5. “The road to high performance isn’t always paved.” — Accenture
And apparently it dead-ends into a mailbox.

6. “Being a winner takes hard work and sweat.” — Gatorade Tiger
Looks like being a loser is equally difficult and sweaty.

7. “To accomplish more, sometimes you need to see less.” — Accenture
Unfortunately, Tiger lived by the “less is more” motto.

8. “Go on. Be a Tiger.” — Accenture
Umm… Don’t you mean “Be a Cheetah”?

9. “It’s not a setback. It’s a test.” — Accenture
Yes, it is a test — and Tiger is failing miserably.

10. “Just Do It.” — Nike
And he did. Several times. To several different women. They should put his face on their sneakers — would sell millions.

11. “What are you made of?” — Tag Heuer
Hopefully something different…


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