Dean is over it! Tori Spelling and her hubby, Dean McDermott are reportedly at odds over his refusal to participate in anymore filming for her upcoming reality TV show on Lifetime. Read More

Ashley Olsen is reportedly suffering from Lyme disease and having a tough time dealing with the illness. Read More

Model Michael Girgenti has released a photo hoping to prove that he indeed had a fling with Kourtney Kardashian while she was on break from her boyfriend, Scott Disick. Read More

Uh oh! Floyd Mayweather’s ex-girlfriend Josie Harris is suing the boxer for comments he made in a recent interview regarding a 2010 incident that ended up with Mayweather serving time for beating up Harris, who is the mother of three of the boxer’s children. Read More

Scott Eastwood is reportedly smitten by Katharine McPhee, and a source says he is now “relentlessly trying to get that first date with her.” Read More

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