Kenny Chesney loves life on the road with Miranda Lambert and Lady Antebellum.

“The great thing about my life and my job is no two days are ever the same,” the 41-year-old country crooner tells me. “The only thing that’s the same is that catering is at 12 and 5. Other than that, no two days are ever the same, other than I do have the meet-and-greet every night at 7:00. All the stuff in between is different every single day. It breaks up the monotony. I’m in a different city every day, I’m surrounded by a different crowd every night.”

He continues, “My day is usually spent working out, trying to write a song, maybe doing an interview or two, killing time, playing basketball, listening to music and trying to get my mind ready and into a place where I’m supposed to really go through and do what I’m supposed to do or what I’m there to do. When 9:00 rolls around, put on a great show.”

One thing Kenny requires? A vaporizer.

“It’s not on my tour rider, but I have a vaporizer in my bus that I pour this Vicks vaporizing stuff into. I sit and breathe steam all day so it’ll moisturize my throat because I’m pretty hard on it. You know, I talk a lot and I sing really hard on stage at night. That’s one thing that I’ve not been able to live without for the last couple years.”

His prized possession is a guitar from Eddie Van Halen.

“That’s pretty cool. It’s something to hang on the wall. I was a big Van Halen fan growing up, and he went out on the road with me and gave me a guitar so it’s pretty cool.”

Kenny, Miranda and Lady Antebellum play Verizon Wireless Center Birmingham in Pelham, Ala., on Thursday.

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