T.R. Knight’s reel-life romance may be full of drama on Grey’s Anatomy, but in real life? Everything’s just dandy with new beau, UCLA student Mark Cornelson.

“He’s just an excellent human being,” T.R. gushes to OK! at the GLAAD Awards. “He’s got a great heart. Beyond that I don’t know [what makes our relationship work]. Ask him why he’s with me!”

Mark, 19, for his part, couldn’t really answer either, but reveals to OK! he loves the actor “to pieces” and relishes their movie dates and nights at home.

But those are separate homes! Contray to rumors, the lovebirds have not shacked up together, yet at least.

“That must be wrong information. Someone [else] just asked me that too,” T.R. says. “I bought a house this fall, actually before we started dating, so I don’t know how that happened.”

While their relationship is still in the early stages, the 36-year-old star is already looking to the future – which will most likely be filled with children.

“I wouldn’t rule [adoption] out at all. I think it would be adopting versus any other route. But yeah. I mean, there are a lot of kids who need homes.”

By Ryan Smith

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