As if there could be any doubt that locking lips with either Shia LaBeouf or Megan Fox would be anything less than a satisfactory experience, the two Transformer: Revenge of the Fallen stars confirm that yes, it’s nice to get paid to make out.

"We did something like five takes," Shia tells Entertainment Tonight of their kissing scene for the new flick.


"Yeah, we shot that scene all day," Megan adds. "Clearly he enjoyed it!"


So, it has to be asked, just in case… is Megan a good kisser?


"Yeah absolutely," Shia says. "I think she’d say I’m pretty good too."


Megan returns the favor by confessing that Shia’s no slouch in that department either.


"I’ve said it before, he’s a really kisser," she admits. "It’s always awkward, you’re on set with a bunch of grown men, sweaty sitting outside, carrying camera equipment and wanting to take their break, and you’re having to kiss!"

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