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As a mom of two and former pediatric physical therapist, Trista Sutter always has children’s health on the brain, so partnering with Colgate to help promote the Champions for Kids Simple Giving campaign to provide oral care products for kids in need is a natural fit.

The original Bachelorette chats with OK! about the shocking statistics regarding children and their dental health as well as her upcoming stint on WeTV’s Marriage Bootcamp with hubby Ryan.

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OK!: Why did you get involved with this campaign?
Trista Sutter: They’re raising awareness around a growing problem in this nation which is dental-related illness. I was really interested to find out that over 51 million school hours are missed every year because of dental-related illness. It’s something that’s preventable if we get access to upper dental care to these low-income communities and also dental products. Colgate has agreed to donate $100,000 worth of oral care products to communities in the Midwest region throughout the 2014 school year and we’re also encouraging people in these communities to visit their local WalMart stores who will be donating products people purchase at their stores, whether it’s tooth brushes or toothpaste, to the local school districts in their area. To find those participating stores people can go to now through April 7.

OK!: Encouraging little kids to brush their teeth can be challenging, do you have any tricks that work on your kids?
TS: When I go to the grocery store and they’re with me it’s become a habit in our family to visit what they call “the toothpaste aisle.” They love going and picking out their own toothpaste. The licensing out there is crazy with all of the characters they can purchase and even the tooth brushes that play music. It’s crazy what’s out there! When you get kids excited about brushing their teeth they’re going to be more interested in actually doing it.

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OK!: We always love when you pop up on TV again, where can we see you next?
TS: We’re actually going to be on the show Marriage Bootcamp that’s on WeTV that will air in the summer. It was a great opportunity for us to show people you don’t have to be in a bad place to want to better your relationship because everyone can be better, everyone can be happier. We’re very happy, we’re happier than we’ve ever been, but we can always improve our relationship.

OK!: Sometimes the couples will learn from each other, not just the professional therapist. Did you pick up anything from the other couples that you’d like to incorporate into your own relationship?
TS: Oh, definitely. You learn so much from each other and your own partner. I don’t know that I can get into the specifics of the season just yet but I think it’s a learning experience all the way around. We learned so much about each other and our relationship and where we want to take it and the issues we need to consistently get over. But just being on there and opening up the dialogue was huge and a great opportunity for us.

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OK!: Were you nervous to put your relationship on TV in that way?
TS: Oh, yeah, of course. We’ve been relatively private for the past 10 years, living in Vail, Colorado. We do things in the public eye but it’s not a priority in our life by any means. So, yeah, of course, you worry if you’re going to create more problems when there’s this reality show curse that happens. All of these people who come into the world of reality television and sometimes walk out of it not together anymore. There were concerns but honestly I can say I’m incredibly grateful for the experience and I’m glad that we did it.

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