Reality show romance alert!

If you happen to catch True Beauty last week – and you know you did – you may have noticed a little flirtatious banter between Billy and Laura Leigh at the toga party.
Didn’t hurt when Billy admitted that he didn’t mind having the sexy bikini model dance on his lap for her "dare."
So is this a showmance-in-the-making?
I must admit, the twosome did look rather cozy sitting together when I attended a screening of the reality series that’s secretly searching for its pretty contestants’ inner beauty as well as what’s on the outside.
Last week’s booted contestant, Monique Santiago, confirmed my suspicions, as well.
"They actually had a crush on each other but they were on their best behavior while they were on the show," she told me. "They are here tonight together."
Well, alrightly now. Billy seems like a genuinely good guy, and who can resist Laura Leigh’s petite presence and cute smile (been known to use that myself sometimes!).
Let’s see if the blossoming couple will continue down their path of romance, even as they compete against each other for the series’ top title.
Though the kind-hearted thing to do would be to step aside and let someone else bask in the glory, right?
True Beauty airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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