Tuesdays I typically write about shopping, but being Christmas I think today’s a great day to take a break from shopping. Although…I did manage to get in a bit of morning shopping myself. Today I’m at home with my family in Long Island for the annual movie (this year it’s “Sweeney Todd”) and Chinese food. We’re very Jewish family on Christmas cliche, except for the Santa presents we get in the morning. Last night I was forewarned that Commack is closed on Christmas and it’s unlikely that I’ll even be able to find a morning cup of coffee more or less bagels and a paper. Determined, I woke up at 9am and was happy to come home (with a bouquet of flowers from the florist, coffee, pastries, newspapers, magazines,Dunkin Donut holes, candy and instant lotto tickets) that I did manage to find a few places to shop on Christmas…Happy Holidays 😉 xo

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