The TV Fanatic and OK!‘s Derek Ivie break down your fave shows!


Beauty & the Geek: “The geeks get makeovers, and John, with his spiky blond tips, is easily the night’s best male geek transformation. He’s so hot now that female geek Nicole asks him to the Geek prom, breaking the heart of geek Dave, who was harboring a secret crush on Nicole. Then at the Geek prom, John is crowned king, after the guests voting question whether he even is a geek. Just goes to show that people will always judge you by your looks, no matter whether the inside is worthy, or not. Shay won the substitution teacher competition, thank goodness. She had something to smile about while she was sitting at home with no prom date. Why couldn’t Sam have gone with the last beauty standing? They deserved to see their geeks in action! Sam and Nicole kick butt in the elimination round and Luke and Katie go home, but remembering Alaska is a state can be tricky. Try watching more Men in Trees, Katie.” — TV Fanatic

The Biggest Loser: “The show is back to one hour which is great.  It tends to be a bit long when they go for their two hour specials, where they spend an entire hour on the weigh-in. I can only take so many dramatic shots of Bob and Jillian looking around the room!  The Losers have their first challenge which is a beach race where they have to carry a large percentage of their own weight.  The red team wins… again! And it is being said that is isn’t the red team winning, but it is their captain Phil. It’s true because he manages to push them that extra step in order to bring them in for the win! Kim decides that she is going to be a bad ass and she drops the F*bomb on Cowboy.  He walks off saying in his southern twang, “Nobody talks to me like that!” The black team is hit with tragedy when they find out that Hollie‘s mother has a had relapse of leukemia and she leaves camp.  At the weigh-in the teams are notified that Hollie’s mother has lost her battle with cancer.  Let’s hope Hollie comes back and focuses her energy on her weight loss! The blue team wins the weigh-in and the red team loses.  There is a two-way tie in the voting and the blue team (since they won the weigh in) decides to vote Phil out.  He was too much competition, and they were right. Next week the teams are split and alliances will shake at their cores! It’s going to be CRAZY!” — Derek


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