OK!’s Joyce Eng and Rana Meyer break down your fave shows of the night! 


One Tree Hill: It was a night full of dreams on in Tree Hill. Lucas dreamt that he proposed to Lindsey, but Peyton appeared telling her to say no just like she did. This just proved that Lucas was not over Peyton or the fact that she turned down his marriage proposal three years ago. That became even more evident when in real life, he showed up at Peyton’s office to confront her about not being nice to his girlfriend and they got in a blow up about their past. That was one argument that was raging with oppressed feelings. Then Haley had a nightmare that little Jamie was calling Nanny Carrie his momma and found her in bed with Nathan. I can totally sympathize with this one. Of course you would think like that when you see Carrie in a skimpy bikini in the pool with your hubby and son. And that nanny is bad news, she is totally after Nathan and they need to get rid of this girl stat before she causes any real trouble. But the one I feel the worst for is Brooke. She has this amazing company that she started from scratch and she is now world famous, but all she wants is her mother’s love. Of course, Brooke dreamt that her mother finally told her she loved her. But unfortunately in reality, that was not to be the case. Her mother is just too wrapped up in making money and running her daughter’s world to even care. That is just a shame. The one guy who does need to wake up is Mouth. He’s still sleeping with his horrible boss and she basically told him that if he stops sleeping with her, he can kiss that on-air reporter job goodbye. That is so wrong. He has that adorable Millicent right there who thinks he’s a hot guy. Dump that boss and come to your senses already, Mouth. That situation isn’t going to end well. – Rana


House: With a Hasidic Jewish wedding as the teaser, you knew this House was going examine another existential philosophy. This time: Do people change? Roz (Laura Silverman) apparently did. Formerly of the sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll persuasion, Roz became a Hasidic Jew six months ago and collapses during her wedding reception. House believes it’s neurological because people don’t change like she did. He thinks it’s porphyria, but her hubby Yonatan (Eyal Podell) insists it’s her body that’s sick; House counters with her mind. Roz develops a series of opposite-than-expected symptoms — freezing when she should sweat and crashing only when she stands. She starts to bleed internally and Chase (we missed you on Sunday!) returns to offer his surgical services, which she would only agree to after sundown. Just as they wheel her off to surgery (after feigning sundown), House diagnoses her with nephroptosis a.k.a. a floating kidney. The actual medical storyline was boring compared to the subplot of Jealous House and his disapproval of Wilson and Cutthroat Bitch. He cannot imagine why they are together since Wilson’s types are needy broads and CTB is a conniving, uh, bitch. After third-wheeling their date, House realizes CTB is the female version of him. "You’re sleeping with me!" The profound astonishment yet utter disgust Hugh Laurie was able to convey was absolutely brilliant! Wilson agrees with him, but House is still searching for a reason for them to break up. He recruits Cuddy for help, who actually approached Wilson! "Are you sure she won’t just drag you to her cave, string you upside down, and plant her eggs in you?" Amazing! Adamant that CTB is in it to get back at him and worried he’s going to lose his BFF, House offers CTB a fellowship if she could solve the case, but the cutthroat-ness in her has dissipated. She won’t trade in love and respect — which Wilson has given her for the first time — for a job. House realizes she’s changed, so does he change? Sort of. He gives Wilson approval of the relationship, which has got to mess with his head! Also, we learn Kutner asked out CTB and is a sci-fi geek and Thirteen is bisexual. Is that her big, bad secret? Because it’s really kind of weak. Enough with the lesbians! Though House did get a great line in (about, ahem, ultrasounds): "You do it both ways, right?" And that’s how we’ll leave it. Shabbat Shalom! – Joyce

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