TV Fanatic and OK!‘s Joyce Eng, Derek Ivie and Rana Meyer and break down your fave shows of the night!

The Biggest Loser: This week NBC is going green, so the show goes green by sharing recycling tips, wearing green shirts and working out without electricity. Meanwhile the episode is two hours long, which made viewers use more electricity, but we’ll look past that! The teams are again split from trios to duos. Kai is aggravated that she is teamed up with “All I do is complain” Amy. That’s what I call her anyway! Kai has a mini breakdown, as usual, but then pushes through her emotions. Trainer Kim is worried now that she only has one original red team player left. B is her only shot to stay with the group. If he goes… so does she! The challenge has the duos racing for 30 minutes to see who can recycle the most cans. Of course their bin is at the top of a huge ramp that they have to run up every time. The prize are two brand new green hybrid cars. We learn that Julie had to give up her car, and basically her freedom, to be a stay-at-home mom. Her teammate is Bill, who is amazing, and he knows of her troubles. At the end of the half-hour Bill and Julie win with 98 lbs of cans! They blew the competition out of the water. The workouts had the Losers running up giant hills and using the treadmills with only their own power. At the weigh-in Isabeau and Ryan fall under the yellow line. The dastardly Neil goes against his own teammate and is the vote that sends Ryan home. Next week we see trainer Bob yelling at Neil for being such a back-stabbing, manipulating cheater. On a happier note, the Losers lost a lot of weight. Looks like going green did them well!” – Derek

Beauty and the Geek: “The beauties and the geeks went away to the beaches of Mexico for a little R&R. But rest and relaxation was something that just did not come to fruition with partners William and Jen. It was more like resentment and rage on their parts. Their obvious hatred of each other gets more and more evident as each week goes on. And the reason behind all of this lies mainly on William. He has this big problem with Jen and never wanted to be partnered up with her for the stupidest reason in the world. It’s purely because she reminds him of all the athletic girls that tortured him in high school. What!? Grow up and move on, William! High school was how many years ago? And Jen isn’t one of those girls from high school. I’m actually starting to feel bad for her. On the competition side of things, the beauties challenge was kind of boring. It was a race to unlock a puzzle in the Mayan ruins, and Sam won it … again. But the geeks challenge was quite entertaining. They had to learn how to salsa dance, and what is more hysterical than introverted geeks trying to show some rhythm on the dance floor with salsa dancers. And surprise, surprise, geeky Dave finally came out of his shell and stole the show on this one! But that put him in a tough situation: Dave and partner Jasmine, along with Sam and Nicole, now had to decide who would go home. No elimination round, so bye-bye Natalie and John. And I was disappointed, they had shown so much growth and had so much potential. Sam and Nicole really need to go. It’s just not fair how they are dominating this game! Well there’s always next week.” – Rana

House: “Now that was a heatstroke! How hot were House and CIA doc Samira Terzi (Michael Michele) together? So hot that she took him up on his offer for that open position on his penis, er, staff. This troubles me though – no less than the other fellows — since the cast is stock right now as it is. With her arrival, we basically didn’t lose anyone after Grumpy , (Andy Comeau) “quit” for poisoning Patient of the Week No. 1. Casey a.k.a. “Speed Racer” came in passed out and seizing, leaving Foreman to diagnose her with heatstroke. Of course, nothing’s ever that simple at Princeton Plainsboro. Following numerous arguments, diagnoses and jabs at Foreman’s smug authority, Grumpy believes Speedy is inflicted with polio. Unauthorized tests proved it to be true and she is treated with vitamin C. It works, he’s a hero, Foreman looks like an ass, but it’s not over. Turns out it was heatstroke (is this the first time Foreman’s right?!) and the Grumpster poisoned the poor gal so she would test positive for polio so the vitamin C cure could lead to more research in third world countries. Psycho! Doctor Without Borders was more like Doctor Without Morals. Doesn’t this go against the Hippocratic Oath? In any case, House doesn’t fire his manipulative ass, but allows him to resign. The misanthrope returns just in time for this revelation from his CIA consultation. Patient of the Week No. 2 is John, an agent on his deathbed in all his vomiting, skin-flaking, hair-losing, finger-discharging glory. After pancreatitis and Waldenstrom’s are ruled out, a heart-to-heart with the dude reveals he wasn’t stationed in Bolivia, as told to House by the “idiot” handler, but Brazil, where he consumed Brazil Nuts by the handful. That’s a big no-no as they are rife with selenium. So lesson learned? Never go on a Brazil Nut kick!” – Joyce

Dancing With the Stars: The Results Show: “What is happening to the women’s lead? Just a few weeks ago, they had pretty much wiped out their male competition, leaving Cameron and Helio cowering in their jock straps. But in the past two weeks, we’ve seen Sabrina – the assumed frontrunner— and now Jane knocked out of the race. The only reason I’m not truly flipping out is because I actually like Cameron, who is easily one of the nicest guys in Hollywood. If he took it all, I could live with it. I need to call up Leann Rimes’ trainer. Her body was looking fierce. Or start dancing with Mel B’s partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy. Her body was smokin’ again in her black booty shorts and Matrix-inspired cape!” – TV Fanatic

What did you think of the night’s lineup?

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