TV Fanatic and OK!‘s Joyce Eng and Derek Ivie break down your fave shows of the night!

House: “Don’t you love it when shows mock other shows? As if we didn’t get enough reality show shout-outs this season with House’s whittling of his ducklings, the show goes for an Office-style documentary makeover this week with of course more reality show mockery. A camera crew tags along to film Kenny’s facial reconstruction surgery. Born with a craniofacial cyst the size of mini soccer ball, “Big Head,” comes to House to get a new look, but just before he goes under the knife, he suffers cardiac arrest and eventually vomits blood. House thinks it’s juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and treats him with steroids. But Taub (Peter Jacobson) is still adamant it’s intracranial pressure and promises Big Head’s dad he’ll get his son the surgery. Pissed off, House seeks background info from Taub’s old stomping grounds – a plastic surgery headquarters. “Tell me what you don’t like about yourself,” his former superior asks House. Awesome Nip/Tuck shout-out! It turns out Taub cheated on his wife and closed a deal with his ex-heads to keep their mouths shut while he must pursue a different field. The steroids work and everyone thinks Big Head is cured. But his pinky twitches, leading House to believe something is undiagnosed. Still, they wheel him off for surgery. Right before Chase, who got more than one scene for once, cuts Big Head open (literally), Thirteen (Olivia Wilde) realizes the kid has lyme disease as she originally predicted. He’s treated and the surgery’s a success. Happy ending, right? Not really. House and Cuddy get a final cut of the documentary, edited to show House as the loving, caring savior that he totally is not. He is appalled. I am laughing my ass off. See? Don’t become a viewing victim of editing! Not everything is as it appears on your “reality” shows! Also without a happy ending is Dr. Terzi (Michael Michele), who was rightfully fired and had made a lovesick “idiot” out of House. She should be the idiot – leaving a career at the CIA for an auditioning fellowship! Guess the CIA doesn’t really recruit the brightest!” – Joyce


The Biggest Loser: “My dreams have finally come true. All is
well on the campus since one of the biggest backstabbers/complainers in
Biggest Loser history has left, Amy! At the start of the show Bob sees
his team is one less and questions Neil‘s involvement on campus. He
doesn’t understand why Neil and Nicole would vote Ryan out if they were
completely positive that he would have been sent home anyway. Bob
smells Neil’s need for the money and lets him know it! Also the duos
have been vanquished and it is every Loser for him/herself! Amy calls
Kim into a room and tries to give Kim her original red shirt back. I
thought Kim was going to slap Amy across the face, but she didn’t. Amy
walks into the gym with a black shirt and a 5-year-old’s “look at me”
expression on her face. Jillian flips out and the girls say, “You
earned it!” while secretly rolling their eyes. The temptation challenge
has the Losers squishing Krispy Kremes with their hands to find a token
that is worth $5,000. Bill finds the token and everyone is all “Oh,
shucks he got a car and $5,000 too? How lucky can one man be?” The
competition has them running a 24K triathlon. It comes down to Hollie,
Bill, and Kai. Hollie wins it! She gets 24 hours back home along with
immunity at the weigh-in. She also gets to choose another Loser to win
the same prize. She picks fellow black team member Julie. Not only is
this a chance to go home and see their loved ones, but it is a test to
see if they can survive in the real world. The only way they cannot
have immunity is if they gain weight. Luckily at the weigh-in they
neither gain nor lose weight; both lose zero pounds. Bill is the
second Loser at camp to lose 100 lbs! He is amazing! The bottom two are
B and Amy. Kim freaks out because B is her only way to stay in the
game. Luckily Isabeau goes against her team and is the deciding vote.
Amy calls her a back stabber and we all realize what a hypocritical
wench she is since she back stabbed original team member Lezlye right
in the back at the beginning of the game! Next week are the makeovers!
You know they are going to hack Kai’s crazy blonde hair right off!
Can’t wait!” – TV Fanatic

Dancing with the Stars: The Results Show: “Noooo, say it ain’t so! Superman has left the building! Cameron got sent him last night. He took his ousting like a trooper, saying it was one of the best experiences of his life. (And watching him shake his groove thing in tight pants and open shirts was one of the best in mine!). Marie seemed surprised that she had made it to the final four, and I understand why. Those are some hefty competitors you got left there girl. Just keep working it! I got to shake my bon bons during Gloria Estefan’s performance. As much as I’ll miss my Mr. Nice Guy, it puts the ladies back on top – and under and doing splits, if that’s what the choreography calls for!” – TV Fanatic


Beauty and the Geek: “They’re creepy, they’re crawly, and they were all over our beauties this week. The beauties had to overcome their fears and pick up disgusting creatures like spiders, snakes and slugs. Ewww! I just know this is something I would not be able to do, so I felt Jasmine’s pain when she was seriously creeped out and could barely get through the competition. Alas, Sam came out as the winning beauty again! But in order to cheer Jasmine up, her partner Dave came to the rescue. I am loving him more and more every week, he is so sweet and so caring all the time. Dave decided to make Jasmine brownies to cheer her up, but he burnt them. However as Dave put it, making good brownies wasn’t the point, it was to cheer Jasmine up. Awwww. Dave’s good karma came back to help him win the geeks challenge which was them trying to act like Tom Cruise from Cocktail and bartend for the beauties while spinning the bottles like a pro. Watching these geeks try to act all cool and coordinated was hysterical, especially when they would spill juice all over themselves. But in the end, it was William/Jen and Joshua/Shay who went to elimination, with Joshua and Shay being sent packing, which did not make me happy. William and Jen are the worst team to ever be on this show, and they just make each other miserable since they hate each other so much. They need to be sent packing as soon as possible, especially since it is down to the final 3!” – Rana

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