OK!‘s Rana Meyer and Derek Ivie break down your favorite TV shows of the night! 


Beauty and the Geek: "The finale of Beauty and the Geek was so rewarding and so well deserved with the crowning of Dave and Jasmine as the winners, who as they proclaim, “are not just a beauty and a geek.” And they so deserved to win. But before the big announcement, we got a chance to catch up with all the previously booted beauties and geeks. Rebecca’s hair was a different color, Josh had waxed off all of his chest hair and Luke was dating … a lot. Then they reunited the final pairs. Dave was so excited to see Jasmine that he picked her up and whipped her around, showing both the studio audience and viewing audience why you shouldn’t wear such a short dress on national television. And we really got to see how much Dave and Jasmine had changed. Dave had become more open to new people and not so judgmental, and Jasmine had definitely smartened up a bit and learned how to do things for herself. That is essentially why they deserved to win. They really changed. On the other side was Sam and Nicole, who although didn’t change so drastically, did improve as well. Nicole is trying to learn how not be stressed out about every little thing in life and Sam is planning to go to college, something he never thought of. And could there still be romance in the air for Sam and Rebecca? Time will only tell. See you in the spring for the next season of Beauty and the Geek!" — Rana


 The Biggest Loser: "The Losers spend this episode looking back at who they once were and how far they’ve come.  They really do look so different, it is amazing.  Kim has to deal with the fact that B has left the campus.  She takes a dramatic walk down a hallway into what was once the Red Team’s dorm room.  She watches a goodbye tape from B and they both cry.  The tape is touching and it is sad to know that Kim is no longer on this season.  I wonder if they make her stay on the campus by herself thinking over her training tactics.  The Losers are woken up by Jillian (she screamed and jumped on their beds) and Bob (who snuggled up to Nicole, lucky!) and are taken off to work.  The lesson is to show them how to stay motivated and eat right even when they have been working all day, like they will be when they go back home.  And to add insult to injury they make them work at a brick over pizza place. Mean! After their day at the restaurant is over they are greeted by their trainers at the campus and are forced to work out. Their challenge workout has them boxing with their trainers, but not Bill who is sent to the bike to do free weights.  The challenge has them jumping on a trampoline to hit a speed bag that is suspended above their heads.  Whoever hits the bag the least amount of times loses the round and is out of the challenge.  At the end Hollie takes the prize of a 1 lb. advantage at the weigh-in. At the weigh-in Hollie breaks her 200 lb. mark. Nicole and Julie fall below the yellow line and everyone basically knows that Nicole is going home.  Sure enough the quiet yet energetic Nicole is sent packing by the powerhouse that is the Black Team.  She was so sweet and really wanted to stay, but like she said it just wasn’t in the cards.  Everyone was sad to see her go, including me.  She looks amazing today and has all the confidence in the world.  It is going to be great to see her at the live show in two weeks.  I can’t wait!  Will the Black Team eliminate Neil and be the first team in Biggest Loser history to knock out all of its competition? I’m excited to see!" — Derek


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