OK!’s Derek Ivie breaks down the show of the night! 


The Biggest Loser: "The Losers have another reflection period of what they once weighed.  They all look great, but there is business to attend to!  The last challenge of the season has the Losers running to pick up the weight they lost every week.  They then have to run the weights back to a ditch and chuck it in.  Once they do this and raise a flag dirt is dumped on top of the weight they have lost and it is buried forever.  The Loser who wins the symbolic challenge wins $10,000!  Pretty sweet.  Isabeau wins with Bill in a close second.  They all bury their weight and move on to their final last chance workout.  Neil feels the pressure of being the only non-black team member left on campus.  At the weigh-in Isabeau sets a record for losing the most weight a woman has ever lost while at campus.  Neil loses ten pounds, but STILL falls below the yellow line with Hollie.  The black team is the first team in Biggest Loser history to wipe out all of its  competition.  After Neil leaves the four black team members are officially in the finals.  Julie, Isabeau, Hollie, and Bill meet with Jillian and thank her for all she has done.  They also see a life size card board cut out of what they once looked like, and they say goodbye to both Jillian and the people they once were.  We see them travel home and are given a taste of the Losers reuniting with their families.  Next week is the live season finale where we will find out who is this season’s Biggest Loser!" — Derek

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