OK!‘s Rana Meyer, Derek Ivie and Joyce Eng break down your favorite TV shows!


The Biggest Loser: “So we left off dramatically last week with host Allison Sweeney
telling the Losers (?) that the Biggest Loser Campus was going to be
shut down. Now I thought that this meant they were going to have to
work out in the woods and rough it like they did last season. It
actually meant the total opposite! They went to Jamaica! The red team
was short a member, B, because of some chest pains, but he later shows up at the challenge with a smile on his face. Everyone is happy! Jez bumps heads with Jillian
about drinking on the “vacation” as he called it. Jillian sticks to her
guns and tells him “No!” I love Jillian because she is such a bad ass!
The challenge has them trying to pull themselves to shore on inflatable
rafts, and we were able to see Ryan of the blue team and Phil
of the red team fall into the water about five times while all members
of the Black Team cruised pass them. You couldn’t help, but smile! They
head back to campus and the weigh in looms! The red team does well
because of the low numbers they posted last week. Black Team loses the
weigh in and sends Jim, one of the twins, home. Everyone cries, but
then we see him now and he’s lost 123 lbs! Go Jim! By the way who is
ready for Jillian and Kim to finally throw down? I can’t wait for it!” – Derek


Beauty and the Geek: “Last night’s episode opened up with a dramatic bang. Nicole was hysterical because her partner Sam brought his hookup Rebecca into their room to make out while Nicole was sleeping. And Nicole was hysterical about it, worrying what people would think of her when they watched it on TV. Take a chill pill, girl. Yeah, it was rude, but it’s not going to affect what people think of you. Viewers got to pick this week’s challenge based on their favorites of past seasons. The geeks had to give the girls massages and the beauties had to build a rocket. Seeing these introverted, shy geeks trying to oil up these girls was the funniest thing I have ever seen. For some of them this was probably the first time they were even touching a girl. And everyone was just hoping Will wouldn’t win. Will and his partner Rebecca have been ruling the game so far, but luckily Jesse won! Then as Jasmine tried to study up for the rocket challenge, she proclaimed, “Reading has never been fun for me unless there are lots of pictures.” Are you kidding me? This girl has definitely never stepped foot in a library. Male beauty Sam ended up taking the cake on the rocket competition, but didn’t he have an unfair advantage being a guy? In the end, it was Will and Rebecca and William and Jen who were sent to the elimination round, with Will and Rebecca being sent packing. How will Sam survive without his hookup Rebecca? Will he move onto another beauty? There’s always next week’s episode which will also include the makeovers for the geeks!” – Rana

House: “Were you shocked by last night’s episode? Well you should be. From House’s electrocution to Chase’s newfound balls to the sobfest that was the dog’s death, last night’s House had it all, including names – sort of – for his potential underlings. The best one? Cutthroat Bitch. Meanwhile, our acerbic doc had yet another “crisis of faith,” leading him to shocking himself in an outlet. Really, House? Like Wilson said, you’ve been close to death a few times already. But this maverick House has nine lives and seemingly irreplaceable. Hear that, Foreman? House can be imitated, but never duplicated, and if you try, you get your ass fired.” – Joyce

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