Tis’ the season and Sunday I stumbled on what I think is a perfect stocking stuffer, holiday gift, or Secret Santa present to make every girl on your holiday shopping list smile– the Marc Jacobs Solid Perfume Ring.
Spending some leisure time browsing Sephora over the weekend I found this gem while I was looking for a little perfume to carry in my purse (a necessity when you go out straight from work as often as I do). I was ecstatic to see Michael Kors (the perfume I wear more often than anything else) now makes a .5oz spray, but I was even more elated when I saw the Marc Jacobs Daisy Ring. I bought them both.
The MJ Daisy ring is something I probably would have bought on its own because it’s a great, fun accessory but the fact that it flips open and doubles as a sweet-smelling perfume – and also a toy to play with that I’ve found in the short time I’ve had it makes a great conversation piece – makes the item all that much more attractive.

And, this time I’m happy to say my love of this new product has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that it’s Marc Jacobs – which itself was formerly an addiction of mine. I think there were times I was guilty of liking and buying things I normally wouldn’t just because they were Marc Jacobs. I’m recovered now, but I’m also in good company.

This morning I had the pleasure of interviewing Kelly Rutherford, the amazing hot mom on Gossip Girls . When I asked her what made her name her son Hermes she started by saying she has a bit of an obsession with the designer label Hermes. I muttered under my breath, ‘Does that mean if I have a son I may name him Marc?’ 

😉 xo 

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