I’ve pretty much loved Eric Stoltz since he found more than just friendship with Watts in the classic cult hit Some Kind of Wonderful.  Any excuse to see him on screen is good news to me.

So tonight I’ll definitely be turning to TNT to catch Eric in Blank Slate, a new micro-series premiering tonight during the network’s primetime lineup and on TNT.tv.

Eric plays an FBI agent named Sullivan. “He’s assigned duty to protect a woman that the FBI is doing an experiment on,” Eric tells me.  

Unfortunately, Sullivan’s not too happy with the post.

“He’s basically demoted and put in charge of her. He’s a glorified babysitter,” Eric declares.

With experiments and espionage as major plot points, I wondered if viewers (me) would be lucky enough to see any onscreen romance for the actor.

 “I think the seeds might have been planted in what we shot,” says Eric. “Hopefully, should the series perform to expectations, there will be a sequel.”

When not in front of the camera, Eric’s behind it, directing episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. Any scoop?

“Well, I probably shouldn’t say anything, but the big bomb that hits the hospital and kills everybody will come as a surprise,” he jokes.

Smart and sexy? No wonder Watts — and myself — couldn’t resist that combination!

Blank Slate airs Tuesdays and Wednesdays during the TNT primetime lineup starting at 8 p.m.

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