How do you make a incredibly sexy TV guy even sexier? Let him sing all his lines. That’s why I’ll be glued to the set watching Eric Winter star in the new series Viva Laughlin, a murder mystery dramedy “with an element of singing in it,” the actor shares.

Eric plays Peter Carlyle, a smooth-talking detective trying to solve a murder by seducing the prime suspect’s wife. “I like characters that have a lot of charisma and think they can talk their way out of anything. I’ve been that way my whole life,” Eric shares. The Viva cast also breaks out into song at any given time. “It’s what people do every day, sing in their cars or at their desks,” says Eric. “If you’re feeling happy or sad about something, you often turn to a song that relates to that.”

Eric’s been taking vocal lessons, where he quickly learned that strong vocal pipes equals massive sex appeal. “Growing up, I was an athlete, and I never took those things seriously,” he shares. “Now I look back and I’m like, why am I not playing a guitar right now and singing? It’s such a great way to pick up a girl!” He’s testing out his newfound skills on his girlfriend, Without a Trace’s Rosalyn Sanchez. “She’s a singer and a dancer. For her to see me doing this stuff, it’s hysterical,” Eric laughs.

While I don’t dream about too many celebrities, Hugh JackmanViva’s producer and occasional star – has made a cameo in mine (we shared a latte). I had to ask: is he as nice as real life as he is in my dreams? “And not just because he’s my boss, but absolutely,” Eric declares. “From day one, before I even got the job, he was so welcoming. There was no ‘I’m a big movie star’ vibe about him, just a cool-down to earth guy who happens to be extremely talented and successful.”

Come to think of it, Hugh did pick up our tab. What a guy!

Viva Laughlin premieres Thursday, Oct. 18 at 10 p.m. on CBS.

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