My Nana’s turkey isn’t the only dish I’ll be reminiscing over this Thanksgiving. Style Network is serving up a new show, Hot Guys Who Cook, featuring real-life hunks who know their way around the kitchen. Each episode, three guys who are easy on the eyes whip up dishes that are easy on the palette. And you can vote for your fave human dish of the night at

After watching the series premiere last night, I needed to know what revs up the heat on these guys’ hot plates. L.A. comedian K-von Moezzi, who makes his culinary TV debut on the Nov. 28 episode, had the answers I was desperately craving!

How did you learn to cook?

I learned from my Ameh, which is Persian for aunt. She would cook fabulous meals and she’d say “Have more… please have more.” We would be full and say no to fifths, and she would say, “I guess you didn’t like my food!”

What dish do you whip up to impress a woman?

The one women love most is Persian beguine, which rhymes with linguine. It’s like a pasta with a delicate cream sauce. They love it because it’s good for you, delicious and filling.

Is there a tip you can give to other guys trying to win a gal over with their culinary skills?

You have to invite her into the kitchen with you. Make a big salad with tons of ingredients, and it will look great. You can’t mess it up, and after all that chopping, peeling, slicing and dicing together, she’ll be ready for second base, guaranteed!

What’s one dish you’ll have on your Thanksgiving table?

For me it’s candied yams. They are so healthy and then you mess that up by adding butter, cinnamon and marhmellows. It’s all about the balance, baby!

Anything you won’t eat tonight?

No pumpkin pie for me. My brother dared me to eat a whole one when I was nine. After that Thanksgiving, I vowed never to touch it again. I guess I O.D.ed on it. And if you try to make me go to pie rehab, I’ll say, “No, no, no!”


Yum! Hot Guys Who Cook airs Wednesdays at 9:30 p.m. on Style Network.

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