You know you’re in trouble on The Biggest Loser when your trainer accuses you of sabotaging the game, but that’s exactly what Bob does to Vicki. She and her husband Brady only lost a few pounds each last week. A ploy to get rid of the stronger players on their team? The couple denies any foul-play, But Bob is still weary, calling Vicki "Shakespearean." I don’t know what that means, but it can’t be good!

Oooh, I love me some Men Heath‘s Editor David Zinczenko. He’s so cute as he gets to pimp his book, Eat This, Not That, and the contestants compete over which dish has less calories. And the Blue Team wins!
Heba is still pissed that Phil tried to make an alliance with Brady, and she tells him so, in front of all the other players. No game-playing strategy there, Heba!
The challenge? Hold onto their team’s combined weight in the air forever. The Blue Team is determined, kind of psychotically, to win, and they do by hanging on for 50 minutes. They get the power to kick one player from the Black Team out of the weigh-in. And they milked it for all it’s worth. Calm down, Heba!

Does anybody else feel like chewing a piece of gum? After the last chance workout, it’s time for the weigh-in, and the Black Team does dismally. No one loses over three pounds. The Blue Team easily takes it when Brady loses more weight than the entire Black Team’s weight lost with 13 pounds. Ouch!
Black Team Phil loses, but he really wins, as he realizes how much he is completely in love with his wife, Amy, and how much better his life is because of her. Awwww!!!

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