Bob once again starts off the night by cursing out his Blue Team trainee Vicky, calling her methodical and maniacal, and the biggest game player BL has ever seen. Damn Vicky, Bob really can’t stand yah!

The Blue team dances a gig over Phil’s elimination, much to the Black Team’s dismay. That should drive them to drop mega poundage!

Phil has the last laugh as the teams are dissolved and he’s back (call up that shrink Vicky!), as well as several other eliminated contestants.

All the eliminated contestants get weighed in and they’ve all managed to lose close to 40 lbs. or more. Yeah, it can be done, even when you’re living a normal life.

Of course, Phil loses the most weight. (The producers couldn’t have paid for that plot twist) It doesn’t bring him back to the game – the challenge will determine which eliminated contestant returns – and Vicky’s elated about that as she voices to the group that anyone, but Phil, deserves to return to the house.

I wonder, when contestants watch themselves on reality shows after the fact, do they think, "OMG, the message boards are right, I really was a bitch!" Vicky’s comments makes Phil’s wife Amy cry, and returned Green Team contestant Stacy cry too. She didn’t realize returning to the ranch would have all this drama. When people are hungry, they get mean!

The challenge? Step aerobics. How ’80s! The first eliminated contestant to knock out 1000 steps is back in the game. Come on Stacy! But Ed hits the finish line first and earns immunity. Damn.

Prevention magazine stops by and gives some healthy eating tips that are seriously doable.

Time for the weigh-in. God, I hate getting on the scale. These people must dread it!

Everyone is giving strong single digits, but Brady and Michelle fall below the yellow line. I can fast-forward at this point. The Blue team is sending home the Black team member who fell under the line, no question, right?

But Blue teamster Amy (who was formerly on the Black team) goes against the pack and votes against Brady. And since he was the lowest loser of the week, he’s out.

I know Vicky is saying, "Ah, hell nawh woman! You is going to pay."

Amy, I’m glad you followed your heart. I just hope you can hold your head up. Cause your remaining Blue teammates are going to be going for your throat next week!


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