I don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer, but tonight’s episode was a bit of a snooze.

Last week set us up for so many twists and turns, but the fallout was pretty predictable.

Thanks goodness they didn’t drag out Lynette thinking that Tom was cheating on her with Mrs. Schilling. Felicity Huffman‘s and Doug Savant‘s rapid exchange actually did make me giggle. And wasn’t Lynette lucky that Porter walked through the door before Tom could piece together that Lynette thought he was cheating on her with Anne? That would have been misfortunate. For her.

I’ll admit, I wasn’t expecting Anne to say she was pregnant. And much like Lynette in next week’s sneak peek, I’m not sure I believe her. Could she just be taking Porter for his money? Possibly. Which leads me to ask, what is up with his poor twin Preston? He’s not getting any action, or screen time for that matter!

So, Ms. Hildebrand was trying to pull a Brad Pitt and have an insta-family with the Solises. Telling the girls to call her Grandma, yep, a little creepy. Carlos needed to be much firmer with his wife and say we shouldn’t mix business with pleasure. Gaby didn’t listen, and when it got too much for her, she handled it the typical, Gaby-in-you-face way. But even a blind man could see what was coming next: that Mrs. Hildebrand would claim a sexual harassment suit against Carlos for the big O. Still, it might be interesting to see how Gaby tries to get the family out of this one.

Catherine is sleeping with Mike. Thoroughly expected, if it came on a bit quickly. Didn’t she just sex it up with Orson’s former prison cell mate?

Oh, Susan and Jackson. It’s just so boring. But I give props to Terri Hatcher for rocking it in just her bustier and panties, even if she hates that word. Whoever painted the picture of Susan gets props too. There was something hauntingly beautiful about it.

And Dave is criminally insane. Not much of a surprise. He’s already shown his volatile temper. It will be fun to see how the McClusky sisters take him down. It may be the best slapstick comedy we’ve seen on TV in a long time…

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