Tonight’s episode was called "City of Fire." You got to love a musical reference in a TV episode’s title! I’ve snuck in a few myself with this review. Think you know the answers? Send me an email at!

Looks like I was right about Mike Delfino being Dave’s target on Wisteria Lane. You know a guy is criminally insane when he kills the doctor trying to help him, sets the club he and his bandmates are playing in at on fire to cover the crime, and then saves the life of the man he wants to do in!

Yes, Blue Odyssey entered battle of the Bands at Warren’s club, and Warren happens to be Anne’s abusive husband. That helped tie this episode nicely together. Preston got some rare screen time when he told his mom Lynette that Porter’s cougar girlfriend was pregnant. Lynette went to Anne’s house to confront her, and Warren overheard. He ordered Lynette to leave, but her conscience kicked in (after all, Anne is carrying her grandchild!), and she returned to the house and stopped Warren from stomping his wife to death. Once Porter learned that Anne had been hurt, he went to the club with a gun to make Warren pay. After all, he has to protect his woman’s honor!

Susan’s daughter Julie came home with her new boyfriend, the much older and three-times married Steven Webber (Musical reference alert: What was the last Broadway show he was in?) Susan was not happy about this, and was even more incensed when she learned that Lloyd was going to ask Julie to marry him. Luckily Julie declined, but for a reason that must be more upsetting to Susan. After witnessing her mother’s failed attempts at marriage over the years, Julie’s convinced that marriage doesn’t ever work. (another one!) Careful the things you do, children will see…

Ms. Hildebrand found a way back into the Solis’ lives by putting them in her will. Gaby was all for it, until Virginia got all Norma Desmond again (another one!) and tried to tell her how to raise her kids. Gaby then told Virginia to stick it and her millions where the sun don’t shine. Gaby may love money, but she realizes that having the freedom to rear your own children is priceless.

I was surprised we weren’t left pondering who really started the club fire. While Dave seemed the most obvious choice, it could have been Porter seeking revenge, or Susan, thinking if she started a small, controllable blaze, she’d earn some time to stop Lloyd from asking her daughter to marry him. Or maybe even Gaby who realized if she got rid of Ms. Hildebrand that night, the millions would be hers. But even devious Gabrielle isn’t that soulless. We’ll leave the Benjamin Barker-esque (yep, another one!) revenge killing to Dave.

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