I wore my highest pair of heels to interview Lee Pace, the 6-foot-3 actor starring on the new series Pushing Daisies, premiering on Oct. 3 on ABC. I barely stand 5-feet, the same height as Lee’s co-star and would-be onscreen love interest (if her character had her way!), Kristin Chenoweth. “She’s very small, but she’s got a well of energy I’ve never seen in another human being,” said Lee of Kristin, who’s currently recuperating from a fall. “She’s great on the show, and I love working with her.” Lee plays Ned, a young man who can bring the deceased back to life, though the actor is content to leave his character’s gift on the screen. “The trick with bringing someone back for Ned is that someone else will die,” Lee explained to me during the premiere screening of the series at the New York Television Festival. “So I don’t think I would want to bring anyone back from the dead.”

Chatting with Finola Hughes, the always impeccably dressed host of Style Network’s How Do I Look?, I got the lowdown about her latest project, Style Kick with Finola Hughes by emdigo, a guide of fashion tips and trends you can download to your cell phone. ”I want to bring affordable fashion to people, and everyone has a cell phone, so I’ll be doing three looks a couple of times a month,” she told me over Ballatore mimosas. Finola revealed what should be on every fashionista’s list this fall. “A bright colored clutch and lace-up shoes that are high,” she exclaimed. “I really love the idea of a pale grey dress with a great yellow belt.”

With How Do I Look? launching its new season Oct. 1, Finola confirmed that the show has moved beyond doing makeovers on people who live in L.A. “It was where the show needed to go," she shared. "We now fly people in from other states and give them a week to enjoy in Los Angeles.” The mother of two also had style advice for moms-to-be Halle Berry and Nicole Richie. “It’s tiring once the babies are born, and that’s when it’s the hardest to stay on top of yourself, but stay fabulous,” she advised. “Or else they’ll end up on my show!”

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