Move over Brangelina! TV Fanatic spent Wednesday night at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in midtown Manhattan for the live broadcast and gala of QVC Presents: FFANY Shoes on Sale, the network’s annual fundraiser to raise money for breast cancer research and education. Knowing it was all about the footwear, I wore a sky high pair of black satin peep-toe heels and paid for it all night. But the pain was worth it when I got high praise from What Not to Wear’s Clinton Kelly, who I cozy up with (via my TV set) every Friday night on TLC. Clinton was in the house to help raise money for research, single-handedly it seems, by buying shoes for his mother and sisters. “I’m supposed to pick up anything I see in a 7 ½, an 8 and a 9,” he chuckled. I also got a little insie scoop on the upcoming season of WNTW, which Clinton and co-host Stacy London start shooting next week. “We’re playing with the format this season, it won’t be so rigid,” he revealed. “If something exciting happens in a store, we’ll stay there a little longer.” The next batch of makeovers will also be more thematic. The fearless fashion duo will style someone for an event or work with someone who’s overcome a life challenge. “The stories will be a lot more personal,” Clinton said.
    The night’s emcee, Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style co-host Veronica Webb, shared why raising breast cancer awareness is so important to her. “Ten percent of the population is affected by this epidemic, and I think that women control about 70 percent of purchases in the household. Busy mother don’t have the chance to indulge,” Veronica explained. “But they can flip on QVC, get a great pair of designer shoes and spend the dollar that keeps on giving. You can feel fabulous and responsible at the same time.” Veronica also revealed that she and Tim will team up again for their Bravo series. “We’re back Nov. 14.”

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