Just call me Dorothy. I actually made my way down a yellow brick road Wednesday night, laid down inside of New World Stages in midtown Manhattan. The space had been transformed into a lush forest for the New York City premiere screening of Tin Man, a futuristic and twisted version of the original time-traveling tale that will play out over three consecutive nights.

Alan Cumming stars as Glitch, Tin Man‘s version of The Scarecrow. “I tried to do some of the physicality of the original part, the bumbling, fumbling and falling,” Alan told me. That wasn’t too hard to pull off since the movie was shot in Vancouver, British Columbia, during the rainy season. “Some days we were in so much mud, our foot would slip out of our boots,” Alan recalled with a laugh.

Also in attendance was Neal McDonough, who plays the epic’s title role. Ever since Boomtown premiered in 2002, I’ve always wondered if his steely blue eyes were really as piercing they appear on TV. Yep, they are. “For me it was just a dream come true role and I had a blast doing it,” he shared.

Kathleen Robertson plays wicked witch Azkadellia, a woman with a thirst for power – and killa footwear. “I wear these six-inch boots in the movie, that was pretty much my stunt,” Kathleen revealed. “Having to trump around in those all day, I noticed in some scenes I look a little unsteady on my feet.”

No wonder she wants to be queen. Girlfriend needs a throne so she can sit down and rest those aching arches!

Tin Man premieres Sunday, Dec. 2 at 9 p.m. on SciFi.

I’m planning to catch Last Comic Standing finalist Amy Schumer perform at New York City’s Gotham Comedy Club on Sunday night, Nov. 18, at 8 pm. She is the show’s first female contestant to make it to the final four. You go, girl!

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