I’m not the type of girl to let just anyone snoop around my kitchen.

But when I heard that behavioral specialist Charles Stuart Platkin, star of the new reality series I Want to Save Your Life, was in town, I decided to extend an invitation.

On the show, Charles helps overweight people get control over the poor eating habits and set them on the path of a healthier and happier life.

“It’s a show with a heart,” he says.

While his guests apply to be on the weight loss show, their first meeting is a total surprise.

“I spy on them first,” says Charles, who enlists their family and friends to follow them at work and play.

“I try to review their behaviors.”

Once Charles has grasped their food and lifestyle habits, he makes his move.

“It’s kind of like an intervention, and typically, it’s a bad food moment,” he says.

“It’s not too humiliate them, but many people who are overweight tend to say, ‘I don’t eat a lot,’ but it’s right there, it’s undeniable.”

Charles stays with them a week to help incorporate exercise and healthy eating into their lives. He returns in four months to review their progress.

“There’s a likelihood they’ll keep it off because they are doing it where they are in life, in their own environment, with their family members’ encouragement,” he explains.

“Taking somebody and putting them in a camp, that’s not the real world.”

Which brings us back to what’s in my kitchen, or more aptly put, what isn’t.

“You need more fruits and vegetables,” Charles advises, adding that this non-cook should stock up on organic frozen meals and try making food in batches on the weekend.

But don’t take my word for it. Check it out for yourself…



I Want to Save Your Life premieres Saturday, April 25 at 10 p.m. on WEtv.

In other news: I attended the Lifetime upfront this week, where they announced that Project Runway will finally debut on the network Aug. 20.

At my table was none other than new Marie Claire fashion director Nina Garcia, working a fierce jodhpur pantsuit, and Tim Gunn, who looked polished as always.

Being around these two, anyone could have a fashion meltdown, but my nerves were soothed when Tim exclaimed he loved my BCBG Generation high-waisted dress.

And Tim would like me to share some advice with the rest of my pint-sized fashionistas:

“Learn to get things altered to fit,” he declares.

So true!

Till next time, fellow fanatics!

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